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On June 30, 1984 Diego Armando Maradona's contract was signed, a few days later, on July 5, the Pibe de Oro showed up at the San Paolo stadium in front of 70 thousand people. Introducing himself by saying "Neapolitan good evening" and that was when he won the hearts of those he would have adored him in the seven unforgettable championships played in the shadow of Vesuvius. 259 games played, 115 goals, two league titles (1986-87 and 1989-90 championship) a UEFA cup (1988-89) and an Italian super cup (1990-91). The unforgettable footballer’s skills were real works of art, Remarkable and well appreciated by the entire sports world, and not just football. He began his career with Argentinos Juniors, then moved on to Boca Juniors in Barcelona, Naples, Sevilla and then Newell's Old Boys; In 1996 and world champions Argentina. The whole world was shocked on November 25th, 2020, the devastating news arrived that our hero had fallen: Diego died at the early age of 60 of cardiac arrest. The sport and non-sporting world was upset, the San Paolo stadium in Naples changed its name to the ‘Diego Armando Maradona stadium’ as a tribute to Naples strong bond with an uninterrupted relationship between the master of football and the city of Partenope. This special occasion is open to all OM and SWL round the world. The duration of the event will be from 00.00 UTC on 1 May 2021 to 24.00 UTC on 09 May 2021. You can tune in to all HF amateur radio bands (6 - 80 meters) including WARC for best connection. QSOs made with terrestrial repeater bridges are not allowed. For the purposes of the validity of the diploma, bilateral connections or listenings on any frequency assigned to the amateur radio service and in any way of broadcasting will be considered. This is as long as they are directly without the aid of analog or digital repeater bridges and in compliance with the distribution plan. IARU frequencies and operating modes (band plan). In order to obtain the special commemorative diploma, it is sufficient to obtain 50 points. The Jolly station will be IQ8PC and will be worth 10 points (as the number of Maradona's jersey), while the activating stations will give 5 points. The list of Italian and foreign activating stations will soon be available on, on the facebook page and of IQ8PC. The Jolly station can be connected only once a day for each emission mode, regardless of the band. (example: 1 qso cw 10 mt, 1 qso rtty 30 mt, 1 qso ssb 6 mt.). The activating stations can be connected several times a day on different bands, while QSOs can be performed on the same band but in a different transmission mode (example: iz8fdh connected 15 mt ssb, 15 mt cw 15 mt rtty in the same day). The diploma will be issued following an explicit request from the OM - SWL which must be sent via email to no later than 30 June 2021. The diploma will be sent, following verification of the validity of the QSOs presented. The PDF format is free of charge and sent to the applicant's e-mail address. The logs sent must be in adif format. All the QSOs of the Jolly IQ8PC stations will be confirmed on eqsl, LOTW and via association through a special commemorative qsl offered by Radiofrequenza S.r.l. The IQ8PC station will be uploading its log to HRDLOG and Clublog daily. A special commemorative qsl will be printed in memory of the unforgettable champion, on this occasion. The Italian, European (excluding Italy) and Worldwide (excluding Europe) Stations that will achieve the highest number of points will receive an exclusive commemorative plaque offered by Mario IW8ROB and Ginevra IU8ARU of RadioFrequenza S.r.l. Each possible dispute will be analyzed by the management of the A.R.I. of Portici. This regulation and all subsequent updates will be published on the website and within the public groups on facebook ARI Portici - IQ8PC and on the IQ8PC page of Have fun everyone and see you all on air soon.

73 dal direttivo A.R.I. Portici - IQ8PC


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